Watch As Ava Introduces The Concept Of Her New “You Tube” Channel (all about yoga and vegan alkaline cooking) )


Ava’s new you tube channel is called ” Ava’s Health& Fitness Solutions and features her new Vegan Alkaline Kitchen. Subscribe and be the first to recieve her yoga exercise and fitness video’s. Ava recently began this channel with the intention of including many videos on yoga poses and dance ?yoga/movements stayed tuned and tell your friends to watch. See you all at yoga class on Siesta Key Public Beach on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday at 10:00 am

Ava’s New Vegan Alkaline Cooking Show: Purple Passion Pasta


Learn to cook delicious meals that heal the body and rebalance your acid alkaline chemistry for optimal health. Our first recipe is a beautiful pasta dish which uses an ancient grain pasta called Kamut. Learn why purple foods can help slow down the aging process. Tune in as Christina and I explore all the various alkaline vegan food option to create meals that make a real difference in your overall health and vitality. These foods are highly charged with vitamines and mineral and will bring you more energy as they detoxify your body.


Introducing Ava’s New Vegan Alkaline Cooking Show


I am so excited to share with you my new youtube show called Ava and Christina’s Alkaline Kitchen. Our first recipe is called “Royal Purple Passion Pasta” and this is a short video segment is about the the ingredients and their nutritional and health benefits. Then the actual cooking show follows in a separate video episode so you can choose to watch one or both. Christina and I hope to create many more delicious meals, so please tune into my new youtube channel called “Ava’s Total Health and Fitness Solutions”

ALERT: Starting Wednesday 01/20/16, Yoga Class Start Time Changes To 10 am


Due to the extreme cold weather we have been having in January I have decided to change the yoga class start time from 9:00 am to 10:00 am. We will keep the 10:00 am start time through February. If it warms up in March I will take the start time back to 9:00 am then. Still you will need to dress very warmly wearing hats, gloves, scarves, and socks, if you do decide to attend a yoga class on any cold morning. If you keep your core warm and your neck and head warm, then the yoga class held out in the natural climate can be very healthy and invigorating.

Hope we can keep our yoga practice going all winter long.

All my love.



Ava Talks About Chakras, Meditation, And The Question Of Evil


This episode of Ava’s Church Of Ultimate Happiness explores the energy flows thought the chakras, Ava shows you how you can control the energy flow through the spine and rebalance your emotional and physical body to achieve higher states of consciousness and greater levels of joy. How we can begin to experience the Godhead and the nature of evil is also explored . Regardless of our own spiritual beliefs  we should strive to grow spiritually and so we need to make the effort, Ava recommends that you set aside at least an hour a day in which you either meditate on your inner being, or you learn from whatever spiritual master you choose about the nature of God and the universe. Watching this video can help you to understand some of the challenges you may face in your meditation practices. Enjoy.