Ava Talks About Chakras, Meditation, And The Question Of Evil


This episode of Ava’s Church Of Ultimate Happiness explores the energy flows thought the chakras, Ava shows you how you can control the energy flow through the spine and rebalance your emotional and physical body to achieve higher states of consciousness and greater levels of joy. How we can begin to experience the Godhead and the nature of evil is also explored . Regardless of our own spiritual beliefs  we should strive to grow spiritually and so we need to make the effort, Ava recommends that you set aside at least an hour a day in which you either meditate on your inner being, or you learn from whatever spiritual master you choose about the nature of God and the universe. Watching this video can help you to understand some of the challenges you may face in your meditation practices. Enjoy.


Introducing Meditation: Ava’s Church Of Ultimate Happiness


In this my second edition of my show I introduced the the concept of meditation and why it is a vital practice for the achievement of greater health and happiness. These video will be done in sequence and will, {Step by Step}, unfold the concept of meditation and how to implement it into your life. After we have leaned about meditation we will progress into various idea and philosophies concerning your immortal soul. Come in to our church of ultimate happiness where all are welcome and where the only doctrine will be to create a life of true spiritual happiness and physical health.

Love and Light