9:00 TILL 10:30 start time for FALL And WINTER YOGA CLASSES


Staring Monday October 2, 2017 all my yoga classes will start at 9:00 am with each each class being 90 min. long ending at approximately 10:30 . I teach all year round on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday.The only reason I may cancel a class is due to rain or in mid winter severe cold. Every year gives us a different weather pattern some years are warmer than others. If it is very cold but the sun is out and the winds are light it may still be warm enough to teach so I have to make the call when I arrive at the beach. Thank you for your understanding and for cooperation on those very rare occasions when I have to cancel a class. I am looking forward to the later start time and hope that you can come down and enjoy the incredible beauty of the beach as you treat your mind and body to the deep  healing effects of  my yoga classes.




9/13/17 Wednesday Post Hurricane Class Cancellation


Hello Everyone

I hope you are all well and safe. I just returned to my house today and was shocked to see a huge tree had fallen against the house. I need one more day to take care of things and to recover completely so I am cancelling Wednesday’s yoga class. WE CAN RESUME REGULARLIY SCHEDULED CLASSES STARTING ON FRIDAY 9/15/17 .
Thank you for understanding and good luck with the clean up.

All my love.


Beautiful Yoga Class Testimonial


As a retired special education teacher, I know how critical it is to deliver clear, concise instructions to my students. As a first time yoga student, finding Ava has been a great blessing. She is an excellent teacher, clear and concise in her instruction, drawing you into a world of peace, relaxation, challenging all levels of ability in a most nurturing and compassionate way. Thank-you Ava, Aloha.


The Pleasure Principle, Spiritual Fulfillment and Dreams


Eternity is in love with the productions of time. William Blake


Psychologists often speak of the needs of man. Here I would like to speak of the pleasures of man, for one of the distinguishing characteristics of spiritual fulfillment is its pleasurable effect. It is not so much that man or nature seeks to satisfy needs, but to exuberantly, rambunctiously seek pleasure—and through following its pleasure each organism finds and satisfies its needs as well. Far more is involved in the experience of life, however, than the satisfaction of bare needs, for life is everywhere possessed with a desire toward quality— a quality  that acknowledges the affirming characteristics of pleasure itself. There is a great pleasure to found in both work and play combined, in excitement and calm, in exertion and rest , yet the word “pleasure” itself has fallen into disrepute, and is frowned at by the virtuous. Pleasure, none  the less, is the prime creative inspiration of our everyday waking experience and is one of the main purposes of dreaming, Dreams are mental work and play combined, psychic and emotional rich creative dramas. They also involve you in the most productive of enterprises as you begin to play with versions of events that are being considered for physical actualization, as on a personal level you “view” the probable events which your family, tribe, organization, community and country will actualize.