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  1. Hi Ava- We were in Siesta Key for a long w-end getaway and I stumbled upon your class. It was wonderful and just what I needed. Thanks !!! Kathy

  2. Hi Avananda,

    I came across this site after looking at google maps where it said yoga on the beach! That is fantastic to experience how a man in Sweden, sitting in Stockholm in front of the computer, could actually find a yoga class on the beach. Next week I will come to Sarasota. Can I join your yoga class?

    Best regards,

  3. Avananda,
    When will class be pushed back to the earlier time? I remember you moving class to 8 last year around this time?

    • I have been debating if I should change the start time to 8:00 am but since (;00 am is the most popular start time and the weather may cool off a bit I have decided to keep it at 9:00 am until May 1.

      • Wonderful! I look forward to seeing you at class. Thanks so much!

  4. Hi!

    I am from Allentown, PA and found your site when I searched yoga on the beach in Sarasota, FL. I will be visiting my grandparents down in Sarasota for my (last) Spring Break this year and I was beyond excited to find your website and classes!! My sister and I will definitely be to at least one or two of your classes that week we visit. Do we need to sign up ahead of time with you or can we just walk in?

    Finding your site just made me so much more excited for my trip! I’ve been practicing yoga here at college in PA and love it!! Can’t wait to practice on the beach!

  5. Hi Ava! I plan on spending my 30th b’day in Siesta Key and yoga is on my list of things to do. Do you still plan on holding classes 10/17 and 10/18? Thanks!

  6. HI – I am visiting for the next 2 weeks, and I’m looking for a beginner Yoga class. Are the classes on the beach still Monday, Wednesday and Friday? and are they for all levels?

  7. Hi Ava. Will you be holding class at 8am Wednesday and Friday of this week (July 29 and 31? Still at the red lifeguard hut?

  8. Hi Ava, I will be visiting and staying with family in the area the week of Feb. 14 and came across this website while searching for things to do, and I love yoga but haven’t done it in a while. What days of the week do you do this and it’ll be starting at 10 right? What time do you suggest getting there for?

    • This site yogaonsiestabeach.com has all the info on the class times and when it starts and where it is held. There is even avideo tour I made to help you locate the place I teach. Although I teach one lifeguard stand down fromthe green lifeguard standat the red untilthe parking lot opens on the 20 th of February.

  9. I’m planning on attending class on Saturday. My mom does chair yoga and I’m wondering if this class will be too much for her. She’s 80. Thanks.

    • Defiinately. This is Hatha Yoga but it is quite challenging even for those who are practicedI demonstrate as I verbally instruct and thus I can not help anyone individually. I hope you understand that it may be too difficult for her. Thank you for your inquiry.

  10. How can I find out if a class is cancelled for the day. It is currently raining. Can I assume it will be cancelled today…Feb 22?

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