Why The Classes Are Donation Based


I provide my yoga classes on a donation basis because I believe everyone who wants to practice should be able to practice yoga regardless of their financial circumstances. I do this in the hopes that this will allow everyone to access the healing effects of yoga. I do have expenses related to the classes primarily I have a monthly beach access fee I must pay to the county that are in the hundreds of dollars. Your generous donations allow me to meet all those expenses and still keep the classes available on a purely donation basis.It is for this reason that I very much appreciate your generosity and cooperation  in giving what you can when you can. With deep gratitude I thank you for your donations.


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  1. I was in Siesta Key last week and had an amazing time. A huge hi-light to my trip was being a part of Ava’s morning yoga. Starting the day out on the beach, being at one with yourself and nature, is uncompariable. I have been to yoga classes before and this was by far the most enjoyable experience. Ava is a great teacher who is able to help people at all levels. I learned about the sand, healing energy, and made good connections. Every time I visit I will always be looking forward to joining in Ava’s class. Now that I am home, looking back at my time spent there Ava’s class still reduces stress. I mentally captured the moment I spent doing something for myself in the most beautiful place… yoga on the beach was definitely a treasured moment for me.

      • Ava,

        I will be in Siesta Key in Sept. wondering do you still have your yoga class on the beach? If so, what time will it start? I did your yoga class a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it! You are awesome!
        Hope to see you!

  2. Hi Ava,
    I am a practicing yogini, visiting Siesta key for the first time 2/22-3/1. I attend classes four times a week and look forward to keeping a guided practice while on vacation. Please advise on mat v. Towel or sand 🙂


  3. I’ll be down there the week of March 31st and would love to practice with you. Are the classes still MWFS at 9am? Also, staying at Siesta Dunes, please let me know which direction to head to find you.
    Thank you so much,

    • Right here on wwww.yogaonsiestabeach.com is my schedule for classes and a video guide that you will see on the front right hand side bar. Watch the video and you know the schedule will be the same when you get here. Looking forward to seeing you then.

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