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Back Pain and Yoga


Back pain is a common problem for people all over the world , it is estimated that eight out of ten people will have a problem with back pain at some time during their lives. Back pain is more likely to occur during the ages of 30 to 50, the most productive period of most people’s lives. Most episodes of low back pain are self limited, meaning that they will resolve no matter what the treatment is. But, in some people these episodes of back pain can become chronic, meaning that they do not go away. The back pain continues and causes problems indefinitely. Low back pain is a common problem for all types of people, no matter what their job is. There is no quick fix or total cure for most back problems. The good news is that chronic back problems can be treated effectively to limit the impact on your day-to-day life.Most people with low back pain do not simply injure their back suddenly. Over many years your back is subjected to repeated stress that may not result in pain at the time the injury to the parts of the spine actually occurs. These repeated injuries add up, and can slowly cause degeneration of the parts of the spine and low back pain. Most episodes of low back pain are at least partially the result of degenerative changes that have occurred in the back over many years. There may be an acute injury that causes your back to begin to hurt, but the overall condition of the lumbar spine is also very important. The overall condition of the spine usually determines how fast you will recover and the risk of the condition becoming chronic.

* Low back pain is the second most
common cause of missed work days
* Low back pain is the leading cause
of disability between the ages of 19-45
* Low back pain is the number one
leading impairment in occupational injuries
Your goal in any treatment program should be to improve your back pain symptoms and to slow the progression of the degenerative process occurring in the spine. The physician’s role in the treatment of low back pain should be aimed at identifying dangerous problems that require immediate attention.To prevent chronic back problems you should use several tools to help prevent further injury and to improve the condition of the back. Yoga Back Care Exercises, Glucosamine Condroitin MSN and weekly therapeutic massage. Take this important step and order Ava’s Back Care DVD today. Back pain can also come as a result of tight hamstrings and weak abdominal muscles.
The Yoga postures featured in Ava’s Back Care DVD can alleviate these conditions over time however there is work that will need to be done.
Please remember that yoga is no quick fix, and results will come slowly and steadily. Anything that markets itself as a quick fix should be looked at very carefully before a decision is made. Each time you do yoga, you are investing in your health and well-being.
Prevention is always the best medicine. If you have already got back-pain, please ease into your yoga poses slowly and really look
to gain understanding from each posture you practice.WHERE DOES THE PAIN COME
FROM IN DEGENERATIVE DISK DISEASE?It is not entirely clear where the pain comes from due to degenerative disk disease. In fact, the pain probably comes from more than one part of the lumbar spine. Many physicians feel that at least part of the problem is caused by a condition called segmental instability. Remember our earlier description of a spinal segment? Segmental instability is a term used to describe the shift of one vertebra on another in a spinal segment. This movement can result in pinching and irritation of the nerve root as it exits through the foramen. The excess motion at the spinal segment can also inflame the facet joints and cause mechanical pain from arthritis of the joints. Muscle spasms may occur in the muscles that support the spine. These muscles begin to spasm (meaning that they tighten up uncontrollably) in an attempt to stop the painful spinal segment from moving. Just like a cramp in your calf, if it goes on for long it can become quite painful. Finally, the degenerating disk itself can become inflamed and may cause mechanical pain.In the late stages of spinal degeneration, bony spurs from the degenerative process can cause a condition known as spinal stenosis. In this condition, the spinal canal becomes too small and presses on the nerve roots causing pain and nerve dysfunction in the legs . This usually occurs after years of wear and tear on the spine and is much more common in elderly people. Spinal stenosis is usually a term that is used to describe narrowing of the whole spinal canal in the lumbar spine. Technically, anything that causes the bony tube that the spinal nerves run in to become too small can be termed spinal stenosis. You may hear the term segmental spinal stenosis used to describe the combination of bone spurs arising from the facet joints and a bulging disk at the same spinal segment causing a narrowing of the spinal canal.TREATMENT: OPTIONS AVAILABLE TO
Each case is different and treatment must be individualized to meet the circumstances. Treatment falls into two major categories:
* Conservative treatment — which includes exercise, medications, physical therapy, and other non-operative therapy.
* Surgical treatment — which includes laminectomy, diskectomy, and spinal fusion in selected conditions.Treatment for any back condition should involve two goals:
* To relieve the immediate problem
* To reduce the risk of re-injury
  1. Exercise plays an important role in achieving both of these goals. Many studies have shown that people who exercise regularly have far fewer problems with back pain. Exercise stimulates the body’s natural pain controlling hormones and actually decreases pain perception.
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