Yoga Classes Resume On Wednesday the 12th of October.

. Fall & Winter Yoga Class Schedule

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday

9:00 am till 10:30 am

Please Bring A Towel Or A Mat, Drinking Water, and your cash donation 

CLASS FEE IS $10.00 Per Person In Cash Please

Classes are held on the pure crystal sands of Siesta Key Public Beach between the Green and Blue Lifeguard Stand. Please come a little early to find a good spot on the sand from where you can see and hear Ava. Bring exact change of $10 per person, payable on the beach. Bring a towel or a mat and some drinking water & dress for the weather. No reservations required. Class may be cancelled due to rain, check weather conditions before coming. All levels of experience are welcome. 

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  1. I attended my first ever yoga class Monday and thoroughly enjoyed it. Even though I did not known the moves I found it east to follow and was not embarrassed by my lack of ability. I plan on attending as often as I can while here on vacation this month.

    • Hi,

      I am new here. Is between the blue and green lifeguard stands on Siesta beach near the public parking area? Just trying to get an idea before tomorrows class

      • Yes the class is held on the main beach with all the parking and a pavilion at the center. In front of the pavilion as you look towards the gulf you will see the blue and the green lifeguard stands. I set up on the sand. You may see me out there warming up before the class begins as I usually arrive early to set up and warm up. Hope to see you soon.

      • On this website is a schedule of my hours and days. Monday Wednesday Friday Saturday 9 to 10:30 am all year round. Hope to see you soon.

      • Yes the green and blue lifeguard stands are directly in front of the public parking and the pavillion with the food and rest rooms. Classes are at 9 am to 20:30 am on Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat. See you soon in January and Feruary.

      • Hi there. this website has the schedule posted on the top of the front page. The schedule is the same every month. Mo. Wed, Fri, Sat 9:00 am start time > Please look to see all the information about the class. Hope to see you soon.

  2. Thank you for attending and I do hope you keep coming. Visit my site in the future I have great plans for it including Yoga TV where I will begin posting the video pose of the day and more.

  3. Ava,

    I attend your yoga classes on the beach and I am planning to attend the ones at Turtle Beach. I will pay you cash before the 14th of Nov. for those sessions, if that’s okay. I enjoy your classes very much and will be writing a testimonial for you to use in whatever way would help you continue the important work you do.

    Thank you,

    Mary Dickinson

    • Hi Mary I just found out that the classes will be canceleed at Siesta Beach from the 5th of November til the 15th of November and so we will hold the classes on Turtle beach from the 5 to the 15th of Novemeber. I am going to have to email everyone and repost on my Yoga Blog all about this chang. And yes you can donate before hand for any specific classes you would like to take at Turtle beach. Sorry for the mix up. Ava

      • Hello i was wondering if you do yoga on turtle beach as well as siesta key beach if so i was wondering the days,times etc. I be starting very,very soon to go to your yoga classes everyday you you teach yoga on siesta key beach! i am extremely excited i absolutely love yoga and i will donate as much $ as i can as well!!! Thanks!

      • Hi Jennifer
        No I do not teach on Turtle beach. My times for teaching on Siesta Key beach are in the schedule pageof this website. Hope to see you soon.

  4. I’m visiting a friend in Siesta Key this coming weekend but won’t arrive in time for Saturday’s session … are there any classes available on Sunday January 29th?



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  6. I attended Ava’s yoga class for the first time yesterday. It was wonderful! I’m a newbie to yoga. I’ve only been at it for 6 months. I know the moves and Ava is a pro. She’s very kind, sincere and enthusiastic. I will be there at least 3X every week. Thank you Ava for giving us the opportunity to do yoga in such a beautiful environment–Siesta Key Beach!

    • Yes, I teach Hatha yoga a more gentle slow style of yoga. As long as you modify those poses that are hard for you then you will be fine.
      See you soon.

  7. Heading to SRQ for the month of June and intend to do the yoga. Have been doing yoga for over 10 years!! Maybe even get my grandchildren who live inSRQ to come too!!

  8. Hello! My family and I are renting a condo in Siesta Key for a week at the beginning of August and I just can’t wait to attend your classes. I live in Quebec so yoga on the beach will definitely be my most pleasant yoga experience ever! I’m thrilled! See you on August 6, 8 and 10! And thanks for giving us this wonderful opportunity!

  9. Hello, My family is also renting a condo in Siesta Key starting August 24th. Looking forward to seeing you. Namaste, Laura

  10. I am so looking forward to your yoga class on the beach when I visit in November. Is there a fee schedule or by donations? If donations, what is the suggested amount?

    • Please take note that if you are coming in November I will not be teaching on Siesta Key beach from the 5th to the 12th due to the Sand Festival. I will be teaching the classes scheduled for that period on Turtle beach which is at the far north end of Siesta beach.
      And donations are of any amount peaple leave what they can.

  11. will you be teaching over the holidays? What times/days and where? thanks and hope to see you soon. Also–do you know of any yoga classes on New Years Eve?

    • Yes I can not change the schedule arbitrarily if I change it it would be on the first of January. I am considering the chage now but I will keep you posted. But it is 9:00 am until further notice.

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  13. Can you lead a meditation class at my place of work. And is so what would be the cost? I know yoga is a form of meditation, but if they need more information on your certification for meditation what who I tell them? Please email me at address provides below.

  14. Hi Ava coming to Siesta Key on 6th May from UK . Do we need to book your classes or do we just turn up on the day?

    • It has been a very arduous and long expensive ordeal to final come to the conclusion that it seems to be impossible to achieve. the conditions are too severe for any equipment and the uploading of the videos has also presented problems. I have taken the opportunity to change over my website to word press but again with some negative unexpected consequences. I am though continuing to work on my site and maybe with the help of a friend who has more knowledge about these things something good will come of it all I will keep you posted.

  15. Hi Ava,
    I was going to be in Siesta Key the week of October 14th. I see the schedule says summer yoga schedule. I was just wondering if the days or times change for the fall? I am looking forward to coming to some classes during my week in town!

  16. I will be in Siesta Key next week and wanted to confirm the Winter schedule was accurate….mon, wed, Fri, sat from 9-10:30? Looking forward to it!

    • Yes the you have the schedule right but remember we will be at beach access number 7 for from the 9th of Nov to the 18th of Nov. This access is just a little ways down from where we are normally hold the classes on the main beach. SEE YOU SOON.

  17. Family will be in siesta key Nov 27, 2013 through Dec 1, 2013. Are classes being taught through these dates? Where on the beach are classes held?

    • I teach on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 9:00 am every week of the the year. AndI have a video tour that takes you to the spot on Siesta Key Public beach where I hold the classes. Please go to the front page sidebar on this site Thank you and see you soon.

  18. went looking for the class this morning around 9:15 and didn’t seem to be anything there. Was there a class this am and if so, where?

    • Sorry I was there until about 5 after telling everyone that class was cancelled because I got food poisoning a couple of days ago and I still feel very drained of energy. I should be ok to teach tomorrow.

      • Sorry you were ill. I hope you reported your food poisoning, My daughter had a bad case of food poisoning last week also after visiting the Key.. If you happened to eat at the same place it would be good to report it. She was VERY sick as it sounds like you were too!

  19. I am planning on bringing my friend who will down from Maine next week on Wednesday and just wanted to make sure you were still going to be on the winter scedule. 9am still?

      • What is a suggested donation and is the schedule the same for? spring as winter

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      • There is no suggested donation amount because those who can afford to donate, donate more. and those who can’t, donate less. Winter we start the class at 9:00 am and in the summer which begins June 1 we start at 8:00 am.
        Thank you

    • Hi
      There is no spring schedule. We move from 9:00 am start time which has been in place since last October to 8:00 am start time which start June 1 and lasts all summer.

    • The classes are held where they always been held which is by the green life guard stand at the main public beach at Siesta Key. I and a hundred or so of my students were there at 9:00 am on Monday and today Wednesday mornings as we are every week. Strange that you could not find it.

  20. I will be visiting Siesta Key Saturday for a week and would love to do yoga on the beach. Is this class still ongoing?


  21. Hi!! My name is Lindsey and I recently relocated to Siesta Key from Philadelphia.

    I am very interested in joining this class!! I’ve been practicing bikram for awhile (not religiously and haven’t been in a couple months).

    Please email me with some additional information. For example: clothing recommendations, mats, and costs.

    I look forward to hearing from you and hope to join a class ASAP.

    Have a great night!


  22. I am a interested in yoga. I am 62 & athletic. X college football player. Wanting to keep & improve my flexibility

    • I am still not sure because I need to go down to the beach tomorrow morning and check out the scene, Some years it is so crowded already that it is impossible. This is why I can’t say. But perhaps if you do not want to risk it being cancelled you should not come down to the beach at all.
      I am so sorry but its sometimes crazy on the 4 of July.

    • I am not sure but chances are no. Its often very busy even as early as 8:00 am but I will go down and see the conditions. I want to teach but the conditions will dictate what happens sme years were not as bad as others. I love to teacch so I try to when possible. But you don’t need to gamble if you don’t want to. See you Saturday for sure.

  23. Hi Ava Trudy Today 12.29.2014 I am was with my gilfriend Su on Siesta beatch on yoga just I wanted to say thank you!! And I will be happy to go back again.

  24. Ava, thank you for your kind attentiveness. Just as we were finishing the opening meditative part today, an aircraft began to be heard in the distance, (habitually I will try to guess the plane by its sound) but I felt that what your were bringing forward in body and thought had its immediate place and just as I resolved not to be distracted and to remain with the class it seemed you rewarded me with ‘inhale, lookup!’ as the aircraft passed above me.
    Gentle know gentle

  25. Hi!
    I will be seeing you during my Spring Break with my friend. We are in highchool and plan on attending this class every morning… this is exactly what we were looking for; a free class that we can come to to make us feel refreshed after our long nights.
    So overly joyed to meet you Ava!

    Allie 🙂

  26. I attended this class about two months ago during my visit and will be planning on attending next week when we are in town! Thank you! Looking forward to it!

  27. I’ll be staying on a hotel on the beach from tomorrow, 7/3 through Tuesday, 7/6. I see in previous comments from previous years, 7/4 classes are often cancelled due to the beach being too crowded. Is still the case this year for this Saturday? Will you otherwise be teaching on Monday, 7/5 at 8? I’d love to join in!!

    • Yea I am going to cancell this saturday’s class due to the mayhem going on on the beach. But I will teach this Friday and the coming Monday.
      Thank you for asking.

  28. Ava, can’t wait to practice with you on Wed. Coming from Des Moines for my annual trip to Siesta Keys and joining you on the beautiful beach for yoga is always one of my highlights. I am Miriam and I will introduce myself again when I am there at 8. I have some special prayers/thoughts to put in the basket so I look forward to the peace of spending time with you again.

  29. Hi there, is there a specific donation amount that is expected? We were thinking of coming out for the first time and want to be sure ee can afford it. Thanks

    • Please go to the main beach where you will see all the signs and parking. Siesta Key pubic beach class begins at 9:00 am and bring a towel water and classs is by a suggested donation of 5 dollar per person. Thank you

      • I will be in for Spring break mid-March! Will classes be at 9 and 1030 on the usual days then? Thank you so much!

      • I have it at ten now becauseof the cold weather. I hope by midmarch it will be warm enough to take back to 9:00 am start time. I always post the correct schedule, please check before you come.

  30. Was class cancelled on Monday 3/21? Did not see anyone there. Is it cancelled when it is chillier?
    Thanks, Ava. Love your classes!!!!

    • Yes when the winds are high and the temperatureis57 degrees it is not condusive to stretching the body. I believe that may have been the the last of the cold weather though and we will be able to have class every day it is scheduled now. Thank you for your patience with the outdoor problems that do arise.

  31. Is there yoga class on Wednesday Feb 1 2017 ?Am from out of town and would love to join? If so whwhen and where are you located? Do I need a mat or is a towel enough? Thank you for your help.


  32. Hi Ava,
    Would my 9 year old be able to participate with me? She has practiced yoga before, but we are both beginners. Thanks!

    • Your daughter may of course try the class but just to let you know it is not designed for children and most children find it too long, too serious, or too boring. But its up to you and beginner are more than welcome.
      See you soon.

  33. I read in a local paper that your classes are from 10-11:30am, but your website states 9 -10:30am.
    This Monday, Feb 27, does it begin at 9 or 10 am? Thanks!

  34. Ava I just want to double check that there is a yoga class tomorrow am march 20. I was here around the beginning of January and there was not a class being held when I arrived!
    Thank you!

  35. Hi Ava
    I have attended your class today and found it really interesting. Though i had to leave before class ended, i wanted to ask you if there is a class for prenatal yoga, i am pregnant in my 36th week

    • Hello Rania

      I do not know of any prenatal classes in town. That is not to say that there may not be some but I am not aware of any. I am sorry I could not help you and congratulations on your baby.
      Love and Joy

    • Well its 8:00 am and it raining with the radar showing more rain. I can only conclude that it will probably be raining at 9:00 am when class is to begin. But outdoor yoga is difficult sometimes to predicts I go down to the beach by 8:30 and check it out then I evaluate if it seems doable or not. There really is no other way. I am sorry but I can say more probably there will be no class due to rain. Thank you.

  36. Hi, I would be interested in attending your class if you still teach in the Sarasota area. Please let me know 🙂

  37. Hi Ava,

    Just confirming that you are having class tomorrow on the beach from 9am-10:30am. Also, where do you meet? Near one of the colored life guard stands? Please let me know where to find you. Thank you!

  38. I am in town visiting my parents and my husband And I are interested in class! Will it be held on Friday April 14th? This says “fall & winter” schedule and I do not see one for spring. Thanks!

      • That is because there is no spring schedule. I only change the time twice a year. So its Winter schedule and Summer schedule. Class is at 9:00 am Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat,

    • I do not encourage kids coming to class because it is designed for adults. The class is 90 min. and demands quiet self managed participation. Children generally find the class uninteresting and too long. I hope you understand.

    • Yes Emily I will. But the weather has been very wet and I have had to cancel a few classes due to rain. I hope the weather holds out for you. See you son.

  39. Hi Ava, looking to try your class for the first time this week. Is the beach fairly quiet and peaceful during this time? I’ve noticed some construction at Crescent beach, hoping Siesta beach is quieter. Let me know if you can!

    • There is always the sound of the racking truck which cant be helped. On Saturdays there are events and it is much more sound usually then. But mostly its nice a quiet. See you soon.

  40. My husband and I attended for the first time Monday. We both felt this is exactly what we’ve been looking for. A knowledgeable teacher, excellent instruction, great connection with new students to yoga, and a pleasure to participate with. We look forward to many more yoga experiences on Siesta Key.

  41. Hi – My group and I are extremely excited for this! I just want to clarify do the classes continue on the beach through September? We will be there september 9th.

  42. My friends and I are coming down early september. We are so excited for the class on the beach. Will they continue on saturdays through september. We will be down on September 9th.

  43. Hi there,
    We have a soccer team that is staying on the beach and was wondering if you could do a private session with us on Thursday morning December 7th. Thank you

    • Hello Theresa

      I am permitted for access to the beach to teach on Monday Wednesday Friday Saturday

      by Sarasota Parks And Recreation. I am not permitted to teach any other day or time.

      But thank you for asking.

      • Thanks, Ava. I understand. Do you have another location that might work? I just left you a voicemail message. Thank you, Theresa 616-485-8485

      • We could do it on Beach access #7 On a Tuesday Morning or Thursday or Sunday morning. May I ask much would your group be able to afford to pay for the class?

      • Hi Ava,
        Thursday morning would be amazing. We are staying at 1034 Point of Rocks. Would $8 per person work, with a minimum of 15 people?
        Thank you,

      • Yes that would be fine. Please give me the date (:00 am would be fine with me. Is there grounds space to conduct the class there that is large enough for the group?

      • Or would everyone prefer to meet at beach access # 7 where I have have conducted my classes when the Sand Festival event in previous years conflicted with my being able to teach for a week on Siesta Key beach. My students found it a good alternative beach.

      • Perfect. Is there an address for the beach access #7 area that I can give to the other parents? Maybe cross streets? Thanks so much, Theresa

      • I CANT REMEMBER THE ST. cross from beach access 7 but al the beaches are numbered on Beach rd. decreasing in number as you get closer to Siesta Key Village. You should be able to see the number of each beach access as you drive down beach rd. towards the Village.
        I hope this helps.

      • Hello Ava,

        On behalf of the team we would like to say thank you very much for our private session this morning on beautiful Siesta Key Beach. We all enjoyed the session.

        It was a pleasure meeting you and everyone thought you were wonderful.

        Enjoy the holidays, Namaste, Theresa

      • That is so nice of you to say. Thank you too for a very fun and sweet time. I enjoy young people and I thought they were very cooperative and yet funny and sweet.
        Have a wonderful holiday and all my love.

  44. Hi! I am here for the week on vacation with my family and I was wondering where exactly I can find the class? I couldn’t find an exact location on the website but I’m sure I’m missing something

    Thanks again!


  45. My husband and I are vacationing on Siesta in June and are very excited to participate in this. Is there anything special we need to do beforehand, or just show up, and is there a suggested donation amount?

  46. Hi Ava, are you having the yoga class at the siesta beach tomorrow at 9 AM? If so, where are you all meeting?

    • No its at 8:00 am as it states on the front page of my website . Let me know if you simply did not notice it as I would like some feedback please. Is also in the Schedule page. 8:00 am till 9:30 thank you.

  47. Hi! I will be in Siesta Key next week and wanted to join your class. Are classes still being held despite the red tide? Thank you so much.

    • I do teach year round but currently we are having the worst Red Tide conditions ever so I have had to cancel classes practically all summer. I do hope thing improve by the fall but if it continues at this level I will not be able to teach.
      Thank you for asking

  48. Hello,
    Will you be having yoga classes on the beach in December? We will be vacationing there during the last 2 weeks of the month? Looking forward to attending. Thank you!

    • Hi Carole
      I am thinking about it and I had hoped the red tide would clear up by the first of October but its still lingering on. The air is breathable though and so all I can do is go down each class and determine the conditions for the first week. If the conditions don’t improve after that I just may cancel for the entire month of October. Sad but true.

  49. Hello! I came out to join your class yesterday, October 29th, as posted and walked around, in the correct location to no avail…the beach was beautiful anyway.

    • Hi Michelle
      Wow thats so strange since I and 30 students were there between the green and blue lifeguard stands which is in the same spot I have been teaching in for 10 years. Let me know exactly where you were.

  50. Hi I saw the sand castle classic is this weekend
    Will there still be yoga?
    From the website for the festival it looked like parking might be scarce
    Hopefully not!!😎

    • Hi Susan
      I will be there to give class but yes it might be hard to find parking. I will just teach whoever shows. Hopefully there may be more parking available at that early hour. Hope to see you.

  51. Will there be classes between 11-24-28?
    Do I need to bring a mat?
    I am coming to siesta key for a few days by myself and looking for daily yoga classes.
    Thank you Emily

  52. We are in town for the week. Will there b yoga on Monday. December 17??My sister and I would live to join you

    Thank you
    Donna and Mary lou

    • Yes I hope so. I had to cancel my last 2 classes because of the rain. So if it doesn’t rain I certainly will be teaching this coming week.
      Hope to see you at class.

  53. Hi Ava, Weather permitting (no rain) will you have class on 12/24 and 12/26? Wasn’t sure if there were any holiday class schedule changes before making the 45 min drive. Look forward to seeing you. ~Stephanie

  54. Hi Ava, I am coming to visit siesta key in April for 10 days and was wondering if you will be having classes on the beach during that time?


    • hello Rachel
      I do hope so but this has been a very difficult time with red tide conditions often so bad that I have had to cancel many classes due ti it. So barring red tide and rain yes I will be teaching then.
      See you soon.

  55. Hello. Will classes be held today on Martin Luther King Day? I’d love to join while on vacation down here.
    Thank you and Namaste!


  56. Are your classes currently in session January 2019? I am cruising the coast and thought of hanging a big ole left and headin’ down for some yoga, some tuning forks and a meet. I’m in Myrtle Beach, as I type this..heading West in the morning. It’s all in the timing, I guess….any good places to stay in that area that are safe and won’t cost me an arm and a leg?….lol. I would love to attend a class on my “Diva Driveabout/Vixen Vacay”. 🙂😎🦄🐝🌻 thank you, Ava, for all you do.

    • Hi Debra
      Well its darn cold out here now but I am teaching regardless of the chilly air. As far as accommodations its very expensive around here that I know so I can not recommend any place cheep the I know of. But hope to see you anyway.

    • Yes well thats not easy to answer because for instance I taught today and it was cold and windy but it was also sunny and it warmed us enough to made it doable. So its often had to predict if the conditions are such as they were today then yes but if the sun had not been out it may have lowered the temperature enough to where I may have had to cancel. And so it can not be predicted I usually go to set up about 30 min before the class starts to make my judgement. There is often no way to let people know on days when the conditions are boarder line. I hope this helps.

    • Yes more than half the class are usually beginnings so you will be in good company. And you may pay online or cash at the beach either way. See you soon.

    • I am not really sure but it seems the wind is also going to be high and that combined with the cold its very likely that I will have to cancel. I always go to the beach though to make my final determination still it seems unlikely that we will be holding class tomorrow. The temperature is going up again and should be quite warm by Friday. So I will see you soon.

  57. Hi Ava!
    My name is Rebecca – I am getting married in Siesta Key and my partner and I love yoga!
    We were hoping to see if you would be willing to do a private beach yoga session with our friends and family the day before our wedding (Thursday, May 30th) on Siesta Key Beach, in front of the Sunset Beach Resort.
    Let me know if this is something that would be possible and what kind of cost it would be!
    If not, we will try to come on Wednesday to your normal class – the whole family/friends crew may not be in town just yet.

    • HI Rebecca
      Congratulations and I wish you much joy and love in your new marriage. But I do not teach private classes so you will simply have to come to the public class the next day. I teach Mon, Wed, Fri Sat 9 to 10:30 am.
      Hope to see you soon.

  58. Hello,
    I am vacationing there April24-MAy 8th. Are classes still held between blue & green lifeguard chairs?
    Looking forward to yoga on the beach. Namaste.

  59. Hi! My family and I are in town and would like to join the class but didn’t notice it this morning. Will there be a class we can attend on Wednesday morning?

  60. I will visiting siesta key this weekend. The yoga classes are at Siesta beach? That’s the main beach? Correct? I’m not familiar with the area.

    • Yes the classes are on Siesta key Public beach but today I cancelled because it was very wet and I was not certain if it would rain again. I will try tomorrow hope to see you then

  61. I see that you must bring a yoga mat but since I will be visiting from out of town I wont have my mat with me. Are you able to provide a mat if needed?

  62. Are you holding classes the week of July 4th? As we will be in town and would love to attend your class.
    Thank you

  63. Do you guys still offer yoga classes? I will be there on vacation next week and would love to do yoga on the beach.
    Thank you,


  64. Hello Ava,
    I know you took a break in the summer and will resume in October. Do the classes begin on October 1st or 2nd?
    I’d like to join you!
    Thank you,

  65. Hello! We’ll be at Lido Beach 1/4-1/11. How far are you from Lido Beach? And will you be having yoga classes on the beach that week? Thank you!

  66. Class is wonderful. Ava gives very easy but specific poses to follow. The sand feels great underneath you.The blue sky and ocean surrounding you during this time must be experienced. Too difficult to describe the feeling. Don’t miss out on this.

  67. Hi Ava,
    Is the whole class session an hour and a half, or can you leave early if you need to go back to check out? Thanks!

  68. I am hoping that the corona virus will not affect you class schedule. Will you keep giving Monday, Wednesday, and Friday classes through March and into April? I love your classes and our local indoor classes at my condo community are now closed.

    • No I am filming my classes as they will not allow yoga classes on the beach. All those posts are of me teaching on video. I have more to post but if you go to Ava’s Temple Of Consciousness on youtube that the channel I have my yoga videos on under the title Morning Yoga Wit Ava.
      Thank you

      • Do you know when you will be back teaching yoga on the beach? Hoping it will be soon. Will you be starting at 8am when you return?

        Thank you Ava

        We love & miss you

      • I have not been given any information on when I may be returning to the beach. But in my opinion I doubt if it will be anytime soon because of social distancing rules. I could not survive financially if they limited the number of people who could attend my classes and I fear they would have to. Consequently I am filming my classes every morning at sun rise and posting them on my youtube channel under the playlist heading SUNRISE YOGA WITH AVA found on my channel AVA’S TEMPLE OF CONSCIOUSNESS on youtube. It may be where I will have to teach permanently.
        Hope not but it looks very likely to be how it has to be.

  69. I will be visiting the area this weekend. Are you offering beach yoga on Friday evening anytime on Saturday or on Sunday morning? Thanks, Jan on said:

    I will be visiting the area this weekend. Are you offering beach yoga on Friday evening anytime on Saturday or on Sunday morning? Thanks, Jan

  70. Will the yoga class times be changed to an earlier start time as was done in previous summers? If so, when ?
    Thank you !

    • Yes Diane the times change at the end of May to 8:00 am start till 9:30 am finish time. I usually change back to 9:00 am start time October 1. Hope this change is good for you.

    • Yes but it will be very crowed and you may not get a parking spot. So I would leave real early and make sure you get a spot. Then class begins at 9:00 am . Hope to see you.

  71. Hi Ava – I don’t see a time listed for class tomorrow, May 31. Will it still be at 9am or have you moved to 8am? Thanks!

    • I have not announced to time change which happens on Wednesday June the 2nd. I did not want to confuse people. Tomorrow class is still at 9:00 am. But it will be crowed you may have to come early just to get a parking spot.

  72. Hi Ava – I’m coming Nov 4-9 with bunch of girlfriends. Hoping to come that Friday Nov 5, Saturday Nov 6 and Monday Nov 8. Just confirming your classes are still taking place at 9am. I do a lot of beach yoga here in Long Island. Looking forward! Thank you!

    • There was a 5 k run that was taking place on my yoga spot so I had no choice but to cancel. I arrived early to the beach to set up and realized that the event was taking place where I normally teach . hey told me the event was till 11:30 pm sso I assumed everyone would understand the situation when they arrived and saw the situation. Sorry about it all but I had no idea this would happen.

    • There was a 5 k run that was taking place on my yoga spot so I had no choice but to cancel. I arrived early to the beach to set up and realized that the event was taking place where I normally teach . hey told me the event was till 11:30 pm sso I assumed everyone would understand the situation when they arrived and saw the situation. Sorry about it all but I had no idea this would happen.

  73. Good morning Ava – I just returned to SK and I wanted to confirm that you are still
    Doing yoga on the beach? Thank you!

    • What is a Deions? I dont know what you ean. If somehow you mean to ask if I am teaching yoga this Friday and Saturday then the answer is yes. Hope to see you soon.

    • Yes I will be holding class this Friday barring rain. I can not teach in the rain which is generally the only reason I ever cancel a yoga class. Hope to see you soo.

  74. Hello, I’m looking to come to the class on Monday march 28 or march 30th. Just confirming these days are available? Thanks!

    • Yes of course but if its raining then I have to cancel the class. Just show up a little before the class begins at 9:00 am and bring some drinking water, a towel or a mat, and exact change in the amount of $10 per person. Hope to see you soon.

    • Hi Lauren The schedule is the same all summer which is Monday, Wednesday Friday Saturday 8:30 am until 10:00 am. All classes are held on Siesta Key Public beach between the blue and the green lifeguard stands and cost $10 per person. I hope to see you soon.

  75. Hello Ava!

    I am coming to visit my parents this upcoming week, and am hoping to attend your Friday morning class at 8:30am on August 19th. I’m so looking forward to it!

    You mentioned to check the weather forecast before class to see if it might be cancelled due to rain. The weather forecast currently says there’s a 40% chance of rain on Friday, but Florida weather being what it is, we know that could be a 5-minute downpour followed by hours of bright sunshine, so who knows. LOL!

    I’m all for yoga on the beach in the rain OR the sunshine, so hopefully I’ll see you then. Thank you so much for providing this lovely opportunity!

    All the best,

    • Hi Marianne
      Happy to hear you are coming to class soon. Rain is a problem this time of year but for the most part it rains in the afternoon. Today for instance I did have to cancel because it rained this morning. The chances are good that it will be clear and beautiful on the 19th. See you then.

  76. Hi,
    Me and three friends would like to attend the class on Friday 9/23/22 at 8:30 am, will this class be available?
    Kait Morris

    • HI Kaitlyn Yes classes are held Monday Wednesday Friday Saturday start time 8:30 am. This will be the schedule until October 2022 when I move the start time to 9:00 am. So this Friday start time is 8:30 am. Hope to you you and your friends soon.

  77. Will you be holding class this week? Just wondering due to red tide. Coming to sarasota from 4-19 dec 2022. Thank you!


  78. Hello, just checking to see if you are still having classes during Jan? If so I would love to attend a few as I am here on vacation! Thank you kindly! Nikki

    • YES Im going to try and i say that because it will be very cold but the sun will be out and the wind will be relativly mild. I just hope its warm enough for us. I wiil be there in any event and I hope to see you too.

    • Sophia my classes are ongoing all year round. Next class tomorrow at 9. I have a class schedule on this website on the top of the front page is the menu where you can gatehr all the info you need to find the location to know what to bring and the class fee. Hope this helps.

  79. Ava! So wonderful to meet and connect with you! I look forward to coming to your class. I hope your muscles are nice and relaxed now!

    • Hi Kathleen Yes it was so nice to meet you under such relaxed circumstances, LOL. I would love to see you in class that would be awesome. Its between the blue and the green lifeguard stands and begins at 9 am.
      Big hug

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