Many people have questions concerning why Ava charges for her yoga classes which are conducted on the beach believing that there would be no overhead incurred by the teacher on a beach. Well they would be very wrong. The Parks & Recreation governs the activities that are on their beaches and they charge an ever increasing fee for the use of their beaches and parks. As a yoga teacher not only is there a charge for the use of the beach but in addition the teacher or vendor must provide insurance with the county being additionally insured. The fee that the county imposes on the vendor does not compensate the vendor for cancellations due to weather or other catastrophic events such as red tide, only if the park or beach closes is there compensation made to the vendors. It is difficult to estimate how many cancellation will happen in a year but they are quite significant. It rains frequently in the mornings causing cancellations and in the summer the heat prevents many from attending so Ava can not fill the classes to make up for the cost of the permit. These are the many reasons that Ava must charge for her yoga classes and she hopes you will understand and help to support her efforts to bring you her professional yoga services to the Sarasota community,