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I have a new website called which I created to bring together in one location all of my healing services, websites and youtube channel shows for your convenience .

Grand Central Healing 

Ava’s Center For Physical & Metaphysical Healing


  • VIRTUAL TAROT WITH AVA: I am a master tarot card reader of over 30 years and I have lectured on the history and spiritual meanings of the symbols of the tarot around the world. Each month I upload my 30 min. video forecasts for all 12  astrological signs for free.
  • COUNCIL CARD SUBSCRIPTIONS: I provide an inexpensive way to receive even deeper spiritual understanding of the forecast for your sign through the COUNCIL CARDS, I reinterpret the four card spread I use to forecast for the coming month on VIRTUAL TAROT and I add a fifth card to the spread to provide direct spiritual counsel. This is a monthly subscription and costs 4.95 . You will find a direct link on the website to the COUNCIL CARDS.
  • THE ALKALINE KITCHEN with Christina and Ava: My friend Christina and I have created a cooking show in which we show you how to cook with the Vegan Alkaline Diet. This is a plant based, non-hybridized, alkaline balancing diet that has been proven to heal many diseases. We create delicious recipes for you and your family to enjoy. And we make it fun to watch. I provide you with the science behind the alkaline diet and the foods on the alkaline diet list. You may access THE ALKALINE KITCHEN  here as well.
  • AVA’S HEALTH & FITNESS SOLUTIONS: This is my yoga and exercise youtube channel in which I provide you with 21 individual videos of the most essential yoga postures for total physical fitness and wellbeing. You will find the free yoga posture videos under the heading YOGA SERVICES. I also plan to provide a subscription based virtual online yoga studio in which I will upload new yoga classes, just like the ones I teach on Siesta Key beach every week. I will keep you posted when this feature will be available.
  • SPIRITUAL COUNSELING BY AVA: I offer my spiritual counseling services to help you with any life problems or situations that arise.Use use a combination of my tarot yoga and depth psychology knowledge to help you. There are several prices available for this service  which varies with the depth and length of the sessions. All instructions for purchase and to set up a phone appointment with Ava are spelled out clearly on the Spiritual Counseling Purchase page.
  • AVA’S COMPLETE YOGA LEARNING WEBSITE FOR BEGINNERS: HATHA YOGA LESSON.COM Is a site I created I created in 2000 intended to help those just  beginning yoga to learn the essentials with the aid of 70 animated postured I drew myself. This link may also be found on GRAND CENTRAL HEALING.COM

Please come and enjoy the site and help me to expand the content and information by lending me your support by subscribing .

All my love