I Received This Email Complaint Today About My Yoga Class


I wanted to share this email complaint about my yoga class with everyone because it may be others who are thinking the same way but have not voiced their concern to me. I will show you this persons email and my answers to the complaint.

Here is the complaint email.

You have absolutely no overhead since you are using County property to hold your classes. You do not provide water or a yoga mat. How do you justify a $10 charge. If 30 people attended you are taking more per hour than a family physician with over 10+ years of education and massive overheads. Please comment

My comments

Goodness, why do you assume it’s free to me because it is not. You may check if you like but I have to pay a permit fee to the county. If this were not the case then as you say every yoga teacher would be teaching dozens of classes all over the public beach. This is why they impose a permit fee for which you need the highest yoga credentials and a comprehensive insurance policy which included the county. Just because I teach on the beach does not me that I am not a professional.

My Second Comment

I still cant believe that you would make such an accusation without consulting me or the county first. Once more, unlike renting a studio in which to teach, my rental of the space on the beach is obviously outdoors where weather forces me to cancel my classes frequently. The county does not compensate me for. these cancelled classesI and during the summer half the classes are empty or with one or two people in them because it’s too hot to practice yet I have to pay the same fee.
Please come down to the beach and let me walk you over to the P&R offices if you don’t believe me.
Now you respond please hopefully with an apology.

About Avananda

AVA Ava has always had two singular passions in life, Yoga, and Metaphysics. Metaphysics includes many things but Astrology, and forecasting the future with the aid of the Tarot cards, are both very dear to her heart. Ava has also been a professional yoga instructer for 40 years and has the highest qualifications and certificates in the field and she currently teaches yoga on Siesta Key Beach in Sarasota Florida. If you would like to check out Ava's Yoga Blog it's listed below at yogaonsiestabeach.com. Besides her life long passion for Yoga Ava has been an athlete and outdoor enthusiast and traveller most of her life and while living in Hawaii she started her own surfing school on the island of Maui which she operated for 8 years. Ava become a proffessional surfing instructor late in life at the age of 40 but her love of the ocean and waves compelled her to learn and her yoga practice made it physically possible. Ava has lectured publicly on the history and spiritual evolution of the Tarot deck and has done countless readings for others. Ava has had her own television show on the Tarot here iin Sarasota and she is currently the cohost of the VIrtual Tarot Show on Youtube which is dedicated to forecasting the future with the aid of the Tarot cards for every star sign for every month of the year. TRUDY Trudy became interested in religion and spirituality and began to encounter angels at a very young age. When Trudy's first child became ill at the age of 18 months with leukemia, she once again began to experience angel encounters. After her son passed, at the age of 35 months, Trudy became interested in the teachings of Carl Jung, and then gradually became interested in the ancient symbolism of the Tarot. Trudy has studied with renowned teachers, such as Robert Johnson and Barry Willaims of Pacifica Institute in California. Trudy and Ava met 7 years ago on Siesta Key beach in Sarasota, Florida, and became best friends. They began reading together online in order to reach more of their friends who were in need of readings. Trudy and Ava's vision and mission is to bring the ancient symbolism of the Tarot to today's modern woman in a relevant, fun and compelling way. AdGals, Trudy's company, produces Virtual Tarot's videos and supports the marketing of Ava and Trudy's mission. She has a B.S. in Advertising from the University of Florida, has an extended creative writing degree from UCLA and is currently pursuing a Professional Research Certification from the University of Georgia. Trudy founded AdGals, Inc. in 1993 in an effort to fill a need of clients who needed to market to women. AdGals is a certified woman-owned company providing branding, broadcast and educational content.

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  1. We love you and we understand the costs of doing business PLUS we pay for your expertise and years of experience. I will gladly pay you and continue to refer all my friends!! 


    div>The Siesta Key Ya’s ❤️

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    • Thank you for your valued support. I only posted this because there could be many more who believe this about my yoga classes. It is a such a financial struggle for me too pay my fees and insurance with the number of cancellations that happen due to weather not to mention the red tide pollution that was incredible difficult to teach through. Thank you again.

  2. It’s more or less your time and energy you’re putting into this you deserve every bit of that $10 and more forget about these people they don’t have a clue they’re probably from up north lol

  3. Oh my goodness Ava! I can’t believe someone would have the audacity to post that. She/he needs to do a bit of research, or at least have the decency to speak with you, before posting that. I know that taking a yoga class is so much higher in cost than what you ask. I would never think to expect that you, or any class, would provide me with a mat or water. You certainly have enough to drag onto the beach. Your far superior location, and expertise, is so worth what you ask. I have never had an issue with the fee, and always felt it was an extremely fair price for a 90 minute, and many times longer, excellent class. I’m sorry you received such a negative post. People that hide behind their keyboards and think it’s ok to say such things is unbelievable to me. Please know that your regulars truly appreciate you.

    • I so appreciate the understanding I am not taking advantage of anyone and when people do come the money I make makes up for the classes I have to cancel but have to pay for regardless.
      Thank you

  4. I’m sorry Ava that someone would complain. If they don’t want to pay your fee just don’t go to the class. I can’t wait to get back to siesta key to join you again in January. Keep your head high and do what you do best
    Cathy from NH

  5. Ridiculous! And, why shouldn’t you get paid?? You have alot of experience and have years of training.

    Sorry, some people…

    Take care,



    • I suppose when you first come to my class and see my class being done on a public beach that they would think I dont have to pay to be there. After all anybody can come to the beach and use the beach for free so it might not dawn on people that the activities they find there are all permitted by the state. These permits are sold for a high fee and they are limited as to who and how many are given out. So i guess I can not blame people for assuming I have no overhead but they could at least have asked me right there on the beach. Thank you so much for your support Rebecca I appreciate it.

  6. You provide a beautiful service for the community.
    Shake the sand of that complaint off your feet and keep your chin up. Her complaint was full of assumptions.
    I had looked into exercise class on the beach and wondered why more didn’t do it…. those permits are very expensive!
    Glad you are still at it and I hope to take your class soon! 💕🙏 Namaste

    • Thank you for understanding. I posted this on the front page of my website so that if anyone else has the same concern but has not voiced then they will be informed about the official procedure for for events. The weddings you see now on the beach need to pay the county for the right, this is how the county makes money. Its good to let people know that I am not taking advantage of people.

  7. OMG! Ava, I cannot believe this person! $10 per class is the lowest fee I know… Every single person attending your class has great appreciation and respect of what you do for the community. But to open mouth and state such nonsense is unbelievable and rude! I apologize for this person and want to extend my gratitude and appreciation of what you do.

    • I had my own OMG moment when I read the email. Thank you for your kind words I never would take advantage of anyone with a high fee. I put my faith in God that my basic needs will be taken care of. Hope to see you soon.

  8. Your classes are awesome!
    Doubt you will ever get an apology from this person. We don’t need her participation or negative vibes!

    • I hope you are not right about not getting an apology. Sometime we can come to feel outrage at a situation that we may may feel is unfair then after learning that we had the wrong information the outrage we have expressed may be embarrassing. So if I don’t receive an apology I understand and thats that.
      Thank you for your lovely comment. See you soon.

  9. I look forward to attending your classes on the beach every time I visit my friend who lives on the key (which is a few times/year). You are a wonderful teacher, and exude such kindness and positivity. I ALWAYS leave feeling more at peace, and centered, which is worth way more than $10.00! Keep being you, Ava, and do not let the small minds of strangers dim your light. You are so appreciated ❤

    • I appreciate the your kind words of support. Thank you. I posted the email for those who may have similiar doubts about me asking for money while not have any overhead on a beach.. Its something that others may have thought but never voiced. I know those who come regularly would not think such a thing.
      Hope to see you soon.

  10. Greetings from chilly Dayton, Ohio…. enjoyed our sessions with you last week in SK. Cannot believe you have to put up with that BS …. you had a respectful response. Please know that we greatly appreciate the benefits of your classes and particularly me recovering from recent open heart surgery.

    When in SK we stay across the public beach at Our House on the Beach and our owners always cross sell you!

    Stay in touch and keep up your continued enthusiasm!

    Bill McDougall

  11. For goodness sake 😂 so much goes into hosting and teaching a yoga class and $10 is the cheapest class I’ve paid for in years! I’m sorry to think of a person sitting in your beautiful space thinking about this 😂🤣 of all the yoga classes I’ve taken, Ava is perhaps the most skilled and knowledgeable teacher and I sincerely look forward to these classes each year when I visit siesta key ♥️

    • I felt I needed to address this persons comments just in case others were harboring the same sort of thoughts. Thank you for your very kind words of support. It really means a lot to me.

  12. I can’t believe someone would say that, considering if you go to a yoga studio it’s $20 or more and not as enjoyable. I’m in Siesta Key for the first time since the pandemic and hope you are still teaching so I can attend. You do a great job and more than worth every penny. If someone disagrees they don’t have to participate!

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