Friday October 1/21 yoga class report


For those who tune in from around the world to see whats going on with yoga on Siesta Key beach today was wonderful. Everyday the weather just keeps getting better and better as the air cools the breezes keep our body temperature in a very comfortable range. Not many people came to the yoga today even though the conditions were perfect, probably because it may take awhile for everyone to get into a disciplined routine of self care. I know once you start you wont be able to stop as it feels so good to stretch, breath deep and get your feet deep into the pure crystalline sand. We have the last class of the week tomorrow Saturday 2nd of Oct. Hope to see you in class. Classes start at 9 am and are 90 min long they are taught on the sand between the blue and the green lifeguard stands on Siesta Key Public beach. Monday Wednesday Friday and Saturday, Bring drinking water a towel or a mat and exact change for the fee which is $10.00 per person.

Love Life


About Avananda

AVA Ava has always had two singular passions in life, Yoga, and Metaphysics. Metaphysics includes many things but Astrology, and forecasting the future with the aid of the Tarot cards, are both very dear to her heart. Ava has also been a professional yoga instructer for 40 years and has the highest qualifications and certificates in the field and she currently teaches yoga on Siesta Key Beach in Sarasota Florida. If you would like to check out Ava's Yoga Blog it's listed below at Besides her life long passion for Yoga Ava has been an athlete and outdoor enthusiast and traveller most of her life and while living in Hawaii she started her own surfing school on the island of Maui which she operated for 8 years. Ava become a proffessional surfing instructor late in life at the age of 40 but her love of the ocean and waves compelled her to learn and her yoga practice made it physically possible. Ava has lectured publicly on the history and spiritual evolution of the Tarot deck and has done countless readings for others. Ava has had her own television show on the Tarot here iin Sarasota and she is currently the cohost of the VIrtual Tarot Show on Youtube which is dedicated to forecasting the future with the aid of the Tarot cards for every star sign for every month of the year. TRUDY Trudy became interested in religion and spirituality and began to encounter angels at a very young age. When Trudy's first child became ill at the age of 18 months with leukemia, she once again began to experience angel encounters. After her son passed, at the age of 35 months, Trudy became interested in the teachings of Carl Jung, and then gradually became interested in the ancient symbolism of the Tarot. Trudy has studied with renowned teachers, such as Robert Johnson and Barry Willaims of Pacifica Institute in California. Trudy and Ava met 7 years ago on Siesta Key beach in Sarasota, Florida, and became best friends. They began reading together online in order to reach more of their friends who were in need of readings. Trudy and Ava's vision and mission is to bring the ancient symbolism of the Tarot to today's modern woman in a relevant, fun and compelling way. AdGals, Trudy's company, produces Virtual Tarot's videos and supports the marketing of Ava and Trudy's mission. She has a B.S. in Advertising from the University of Florida, has an extended creative writing degree from UCLA and is currently pursuing a Professional Research Certification from the University of Georgia. Trudy founded AdGals, Inc. in 1993 in an effort to fill a need of clients who needed to market to women. AdGals is a certified woman-owned company providing branding, broadcast and educational content.

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  1. Hi Ava
    I read your updates regularly and would like nothing more than to join you on the beach for yoga. I have such fond memories of many years of attending from January to March. Unfortunately, living in Canada, the border is still closed to us to drive to the US. Not sure if and when we’ll make it back to Siesta Key but wanted you to know that I think of those times often…. the best classes I have ever attended.

    • Im so sorry to hear about whats going on in Canada. I hope tha our freedoms a we had enjoyed them do not disappear and that you will be able to travel soon.
      Sending love a hope

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