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An Easy Guide To Meditation

I salute the supreme teacher,
the Truth, whose Nature is Bliss;
who is the giver of the highest
happiness; who is pure wisdom;
who is beyond all qualities and
infinite like the sky; who is beyond
words; who is one and eternal,
pure and still; who is beyond all
change and phenomena and who
is the silent witness to all our
thoughts and emotions—I salute
Truth, the supreme teacher.
– Ancient Vedic Hymn
  • Meditation as a Foundation Practice for Personal Benefits and Authentic Spiritual Growth
  • Experiencing the Natural Process:
  • How to Meditate Effectively
  • Meditation Techniques and Routines to Use for Satisfying Results
  • Awakening Through Progressive Stages of Spiritual Growth
  • Lifestyle Guidelines Supportive of Our Primary Aims and Purposes

Meditation, correctly practiced, is the simple process
of removing attention from conditions and circumstances
which, when cognized and overly identified with, fragment 
and cloud our perceptions. Meditating,
while remaining alert and observant, enables us to easily 
experience pure (clear) levels of awareness
or states of consciousness. Doing this on a regular schedule
 provides frequent opportunities for physiological
and psychological rest, while freeing attention to explore 
more refined states of consciousness
and to effortlessly experience spontaneous unfoldments of innate, 
spiritual qualities.
Please remember, as you read this and proceed to the practice of 
meditation, that the secret
of successful meditative experience is to relax into
the process, allowing constructive adjustments of
mental states and states of consciousness to occur
naturally. For this reason, it is recommended that
anxiety, as well as any inclination you may have
to exert effort to accomplish something, are to be
avoided when meditating. Anxiety about the outcome
of an endeavor indicates an attitude of need
and keeps us too self-centered. A sense of personal
effort or excessive use of will power, to accomplish a
goal or to make something happen, arises from selfconsciousness
which needs to be renounced so that
more refined levels of awareness can be perceived
and experienced.
At all times, whether meditating or routinely engaged
in everyday circumstances and relationships,
it is helpful to be inwardly aware of the fact that
you are an immortal, spiritual being temporarily
relating to the human condition. While in this world
you express as a Spirit-mind-body being, with your
spiritual nature remaining superior to the mind and
the physical body.


The Earth Is Sacred


The Earth is Sacred

Our Earth

Our Earth

Beyond our differences: beyond religion, politics and culture, Earth remains, the (literal) ground of our being. Disconnected and distracted, we search for meaning. Overworked and overwhelmed, we struggle. Leave the struggle and the search behind. Whether or not you practice an established faith tradition, you are always welcome to my yoga classes which are held outdoors on mother earth. By virtue of being a human being, you are connected to this Holy Ground. It is your birthright. Welcome. Theology is beside the point. In the quest to reclaim Earth as holy ground, the last thing we should do is become bogged down in arguments about the nature of the Divine, or slip into “my god is bigger/better than your god” squabbles, or worse yet devolve into endless debates about whether or not there even is a God.

Natural spirituality offers us a vision of something greater than ourselves that transcends our individual concepts of Deity. Remember that natural spirituality, meaning connection to the Earth as sacred and the broader Universe as a whole, is the birthright of every human being. It is part of who we are. One can practice a natural spirituality as well as keep the traditions of one’s faith or heritage.

We can journey together, and as we do, we find that direct experience of the natural world is at once inspiring and nourishing to our spirits. As we journey, we can begin to spiritually disconnect from the destructive aspects of our culture. Earth is under assault ecologically but despite it all, despite the species extinctions, the poisoned land, the diminished diversity and the warming oceans it is still our sacred space, our holy ground. We need to claim it and celebrate it as such. We have no other. Join my  yoga classes and celebrate with me the divine earth at Siesta Key beach.