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Alcohol Can Be A Sustainable Fuel Alternative With David Blume


I interview bio-systems ecologist David Blume, author, teacher, farmer and green activist who is one of the grandfathers of the permaculture movement. He is poised to change the world, and I hope many will jump on his alcohol-fueled bandwagon. David Blume has been at the forefront of alternative fuel technology since the 1970s, when he was a member of the Mother Earth News Eco Village alternative energy team. He teaches people how to produce and use low-cost alcohol fuel and he wrote and hosted the 10-part PBS series Alcohol As Fuel. In addition, Dave is the Executive Director of the International Institute for Ecological Agriculture. He also consults for governments, farmers, companies, and others interested in turning waste into fuel and profitable products. Founder of the International Institute for Ecological Agriculture, David is the world’s leading authority and proponent of alcohol fuel for automobiles (this was the original car fuel). His new book, “Alcohol Can Be a Gas!,” is the the most extensive coverage of the nuts and bolts, whys and wherefores of alcohol fuel—and we hope it sparks an immediate revolution. David’s will talk to me about how and why alcohol is the economic and environmental solution to the industrial world’s looming energy crisis, and a major boost for our ailing planet. Visit David’s site and join the revolution.