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Burn Injuries Healed In Minutes, at a Distance


My guest Alison McDermott will talk about The FireburnDoctor Team and how burn injuries which statistically account for more deaths worldwide than HIV/AIDS…especially in children are healed in minutes and at a distance.The FireburnDoctor Team are a “grassroots” group of professional volunteers offering a FREE (and always will be) humanitarian service for burn injuries that is eradicating the needless suffering from burns worldwide with a profound technology that provokes the body to fix itself…in minutes and from a distance. The origins of DSNB (Distant Subliminal Neuro – Bypassing) comes from ancient Amorican traditions (Celtic and Native American) Consistently in over 700+ cases from 45 US states, 41 countries worldwide, people are reporting the same results through calling the FireBurnDoctor. Pain is gone in minutes, the blisters and red marks disappear in hours and in severe cases, just days!
No cost, no “product”, no placebo, no risk and no scars.
Results the medical, scientific and alternative communities cannot produce.
This is the only work of it`s kind in the world, the science of the unconscious mind producing physical proof under medical, scientific and media scrutiny.


Empowerment Through Nutrition With Master Chef Craig Chasky


Not so very long ago our primitive ancestors spent most of their days hunting and gathering for food. During the course of a day they may have sampled dozens if not hundreds of food sources. In addition to any animal protein they could snare, they ate a diverse range of roots, leaves, fruits, nuts, berries, beans, mushrooms, and seeds. The average Western diet is much more limited in variety, and as a result we miss out on the extensive natural pharmacy that is available through food. Food is for our natural health. We all must eat to live but does what we put on our plates qualify as food in this new world order of GMOs, toxic chemicals and food additives which destroy the natural healing properties of food. And if we decide to go organic then we have to contend with a wide range of food options in the now vast health food market. The question is what foods are considered truly healthy and essential for producing a strong, energetic, illness free body? To help answer this question my quest on “Beyond The MArtix” this week is nutritional advisor and master Chef Craig Chasky.

A Conscious Universe


Obviously, there is a great difference between contemplating a universe which exceeds me in size alone or in intricacy alone, and one which exceeds me in depth of purpose and intelligence. A universe of merely unimaginable size excludes man and crushes him. But a universe that is a manifestation of great consciousness and order places man, and therefore calls to him.

So much is obvious, for a conscious universe is the only reality that can include human consciousness. And only when I am completely included by something does the need arise for me to understand my relationship to it in all the aspects of my inner and outer life. Only a conscious universe is relevant to the whole of human life.