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Siesta Key beach is unique in the world being composed of 99.9 percent quartz crystal, the special energy of the crystal sand adds immeasurably to the quality of our experience during all our yoga classes. Here we will examine the  extraordinary properties of quartz crystal.

Quartz crystals have been revered throughout the ages as symbols of beauty, health and often power. The latter is sometimes referred to as key to the rise and fall of the mythical civilization of Atlantis. More recently quartz crystals have been associated within New Age circles and applications to holistic health, meditation and personal growth.

Let us first explore the science behind the mystique of quartz crystals. There are many types of natural quartz crystals. The most common ones are amethyst, citrine, rose, smoky and clear. Natural quartz is composed of silicon dioxide molecules. Quartz consisting solely of silicon dioxide is known as clear quartz which is the type of crystal sand at Siesta Key beach. The other members of the quartz family are variations. In addition to the fundamental silicon dioxide structure, they also have chemical impurities that were present when the crystal formed. For example amethyst has impurities of manganese oxides, which gives it the typical purple color.

A natural crystal by definition means it has a very regular arrangement of atoms, quartz crystal looks like a matrix of very beautiful  lattes structures under the microscope. When electricity is put into a quartz crystal their atoms vibrate at a very stable frequency. These characteristics make quartz an excellent receptor and emitter of electromagnetic waves. This is why quartz is commonly used in radios, watches, and numerous electronic technologies. One interesting characteristic of quartz crystal can be observed when electricity is applied to it. The quartz will begin to vibrate which in turn causes the quartz to produce its own weak electric current. This is taken advantage of in the workings of a typical quartz watch. Quartz crystal also exhibit the piezoelectric effect  which is understood as the linear electromechanical interaction as when pressure is applied along across a quartz crystal  it will produce its own electric charge.

The humble quartz crystal is a major element in today’s technological revolution. The conversion of quartz crystals into silicon chips has transformed the world. Quartz has made the digital age possible. It has given us computers, mobile phones and communication breakthroughs. Vast pieces of information to be brought together in a precisely organized way with the silicon chips of a computer.

One of the early pioneers of silicon chip technology was Nobel prize-winning scientist Marcel Vogel. He made a discovery while working as a research scientist for IBM that shook to the core the belief systems of his scientific peers. Vogel discovered that not only can crystals be programmed as silicon chips in a computer, but they also can be programmed with thought. A person sitting at a computer inputs his thoughts through a keyboard. This is stored in the computer’s silicon chips via the medium of electricity. Vogel reasoned that like electricity, thought is a form of energy, which is given direction by our intention. He concluded that crystals could also be programmed without the need for electricity, by using just thoughts or clear intention. Vogel designed a multitude of experiments to validate his quantum theories. Like all groundbreaking alternative scientists, the mainstream scientific community ostracized him.

The ability of quartz crystals to transform energy and be programmed by clear thought patterns is being used by many holistic healers, reiki masters and spiritual teachers to assist individuals in their pursuit of a healthy and happy life.

Armed with the concepts of quantum physics, the group at N and N Associates Inc. has recently completed work to take the science of quartz crystals to a new level and demonstrate the efficacy and validity of using quartz crystals to promote holistic health. The group has extensively researched key universal vibrational (energy) patterns. These patterns are considered to be the cornerstone of the matrix between the physical universe and the creative life force. Quartz crystals could be the visible tip of the iceberg as seen in our material dimension but the invisible part could well be in other dimensional of reality. The quartz crystal could be our conduit into other quite valid dimensions of reality.

In conclusion, we could summarize that quartz crystals are truly unique. There is no question that they can learn and reproduce simple, yet powerful patterns, as demonstrated by today’s digital technology. Recent work has also proven the validity of using quartz crystals to promote holistic health. While in some circumstances it might be argued that quartz crystals are magical, the power behind quartz crystals has been amply demonstrated using sound science. Now if you have ever wondered why we feel so transformed and revitalized after practicing our yoga on Siesta key beach, now you know, there is real energy in the sand beneath you. On Siesta Key beach the crystal sand beneath your feet is vibrating and amplifying your own energy and connecting the soul of the earth to your own soul. Whether you attend one of my yoga classes or just come to sit on the beach or take a walk be aware of the extraordinary healing energy of this place and let it transform you.

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Soul Trauma Therapy “Reincarnation” on “Beyond The Matrix”


I have launched my new, now hour long, internet TV show. The show is called “Beyond The Matrix” and can be seen live every Tuesday evening from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm on All my shows are archived under programming (Beyond The Matrix, Archives) on www.SBNVideo.combut I will bring them onto this site for your convenience. The show is the fuffillment of a long held dream to bring to you all the various spiritual ideas and knowledge systems that have been important to my own spiritual and intellectual development. I will be having indepth conversations with many teacher, authors and leader in the spiritual community of Sarasota and beyond. With such a rich assortment of spiritual souls living and working here in Sarasota my show promises to be informative and enlightening.

At the moment I have been interviewing Elissa Bentsen about reincarnation. Elissa and I have had three shows together which up to now are only 30 min. long but tomorrow, June 5, the show is extended to one hour. An hour is nessasary for me to explore ideas more comlpetely because our subjects tend to be more complex and deep. Elissa is a reincarnation regessionist specializing in Soul Trauma Therapy. Tomorrow evenings show will be about her work in this area of Soul Trauma Therapy. Tune in at 6:30 on or watch later from the archives.  As many of  today’s mental and physical illnesses may very well be caused by some trauma experienced not necessarily in the childhood of this life, but rooted in an incident that occured several centuries ago in one of our past lives, find out how this all works and what it means, live tomorrow evening at 6:30 pm.

Next week I am going to be discussing the philosophy and world view of the great mystic and truth seeker, Gurdjieff. One of the most fasinating spiritual teacher of the previous century. Gurdjief brought together eastern mystism and a western pragmatic solution based ideologies and gave us extraordinary techniques and methods to awaken us to the powers and spiritual potentials that lay with all huma beings. Tune in next week