Save Your Teeth With Xylitol


Since xylitol effectively destroys the bacteria responsible for the formation of dangerous plaque and acids, cleaning and brushing teeth becomes less of the essence. In other words, it is no longer required for the conscientious “tooth owner” to clean each tooth after each meal to free it from films using toothbrush, floss etc. In its stead, a short xylitol application will suffice, as described in the following.

Xylitol sugar for cleaning and healing teeth, gums and mouth (recommended application according to dentist Dr. Bruhn)

Xylitol for sucking, mouth rinsing and tooth brushing
(At least) 3 times a day, take half a teaspoon of xylitol powder (or more) and rinse your mouth with the xylitol-saliva mixture which will form for 3 to 5 minutes a time, then spit. Alternatively, use the xylitol-saliva mix as if it were toothpaste and brush your teeth with it  for 3 to 6 minutes. Do not rinse your mouth afterwards, washing out with water markedly reduces xylitol’s positive effect.

By exposing the dangerous oral bacteria for hours resp. nights to the action of xylitol in this manner (with xylitol also reaching the dental pockets and interstices as mentioned), these bacteria are very successfully removed from the oral cavity. Compare Frequently Asked Questions regarding the applications of pure xylitol sugar according to dentist Dr. Bruhn’s  recommendations.

Note: Dr. Bruhn’s recommended use of xylitol to rinse the mouth or brush the teeth with, rather than chewing xylitol gum, of course has the additional advantage that one doesn’t have to swallow the xylitol (in contrast to gum chewing) when simply rinsing or brushing one’s teeth. This will allow all of those who may have doubts about the safety of ingesting xylitol or whose digestive system may not handle it well (compare Xylitol safety issues) to use xylitol as well, since any absorption via the oral mucosa (if occurring at all) is likely to be minimal.

Amazing dental healing success stories, even in “hopeless” situations

As mentioned in the foregoing, the vast majority of the scientific studies validating the effect of xylitol on caries and dental hygiene were conducted using small amounts of xylitol applied to the teeth via chewing  gums. This may explain why the additional effects obtained under more intense xylitol use as experienced and reported by Dr. Bruhn and his patients which are listed below, to date have not been discovered resp. described by other researchers.

1. Periodontal disease/periodontitis/gingivitis: excellent healing successes even with dental hygiene program unchanged, periodontal disease halted in its tracks, gingivitis improved enormously.

As shown in  years of Dr. Bruhn’s practical dental experience, xylitol exerts a pronounced healing effect upon the gums (a university in Asia is currently conducting a scientific study into this effect). All subjects without exception experienced success, the only prerequisite was that they used xylitol 3 to 4 times a day for 3 to 5 minutes each,  for 1 to 2 months (and if the standard dose of half a teaspoon wasn’t sufficient to reach the desired effect, doubling the xylitol amount did the trick).

Loose teeth became solid again (an unexplainable and unexpected occurrence).

2. Caries and new tooth decay

can be prevented with xylitol. Tooth decay already present next to completely disappears resp. is halted in its tracks (carious processes are stabilized). To make these statements, one year of observation or longer is required however. Tooth decay at the edge of crowns can be prevented or stopped with xylitol as well (but probably not if the carious lesion is under the crown).

3. Dental plaque

If there still is some plaque formation, the plaque is very easily removed.

4. Tooth neck sensitivity

Sensitive tooth necks quickly lost their sensitivity (compare advice re the use of xylitol under “My sensitive tooth necks hurt when I do a xylitol rinse“).

5. Tongue

Another positive side effect is that coated tongues recover their healthy pink colour while losing their coating  (bacteria will also colonize the tongue which thanks to its many tiny crevices provides an ideal home). Once the tongue is “self-cleaning” in that manner, using a tongue scraper or the daily scrubbing off of coatings are a thing of the past.

6. Breath (morning breath and bad breath in general)

Distinct improvement or complete disappearance (it is particularly effective to follow the above recommendation and go to bed without rinsing the residual xylitol from your mouth [i.e. don’t rinse after the nightly toothbrushing or rinsing with xylitol]).

7. Formation of calculus (tartar)

was much reduced.

9. Cleaning of positioners

Positioners which  were made to soak in a solution of 10 to 20 percent xylitol for several hours became clean and free of odour. Compare Further helpful xylitol applications.

10. Inflammation following dental implant surgery

Unpleasant (and dangerous) infections surrounding a newly implanted tooth, where all other attempted measures such as Chlorhexidine had failed, successfully responded to xylitol application within just over a week.2

11. Toothbrushing

was no longer of paramount importance for keeping teeth clean.

On the potential consequences of widespread xylitol use for purposes of dental hygiene

While these would be most welcome and pleasant for Jane and Joe Bloggs (no more plaque, i.e. considerably less tooth decay and periodontal disease, hence no or hardly any visits to the dentist), those trades and professions who currently make a living off the tooth decay epidemic either directly or indirectly would naturally be hit at their core.

In the first instance, these are the dentists of course, but also the entire supply industry (dental practice, equipment and instruments purveyors, dental laboratories, pharmaceuticals traders etc.) would see a massive drop in revenues. Put in different terms, xylitol if applied consistently will create a revolution in dentistry . As mentioned aboved, thanks to Dr. Bruhn’s pioneering work it now has become affordable to next to everyone – so it is up to each person whether they wish to take the chance offered to them…. (compare Even xylitol sugar is still too expensive for me).

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